General Terms & Conditions

The confirmation of your reservation implies the full understanding and acceptance of the present General Terms of Agreement.

Once a deposit is paid and received, it is within our mutual understanding that you agree to all the terms as setout below, with or without signature of this agreement.

Confirmation of Event

This proposal does not guarantee that the date is blocked for your event. Only a deposit of 30% of estimated cost will confirm the reservation. If we do not receive the deposit by the due date, we will proceed on the basis that you have secured alternative arrangements and your booking will be automatically released without further notification from us. If you are unable to meet the payment schedule then kindly communicate to us in writing

We review our pricing twice a year. Your quotation is subject to change unless a deposit of 30% is paid by the due date.
Food tasting up to 4 portions is complimentary at our Central Kitchen facility in Tanjung Benoa.
If a food tasting is completed but a deposit not paid, we will not be able to guarantee the date or existing prices.

Number of Guests

The Agreement is based upon a Minimum Guaranteed Number of Guests.
We will not accept requests for reductions in Guest numbers under the Minimum Guarantee once the agreement has been finalised.
You may increase the number of Guests.
Final Guest numbers must be confirmed no later than 7 working days before the event date.


The venue you select will likely limit the amount of mains electricity you are able to use for your
event. You will therefore potentially need a generator for your event.
Our proposal does not include the provision of a generator for all F&B power requirements. Your event/wedding planner must make arrangements to ensure there is sufficient power for the F&B package you select.

We are able to quote for a generator specifically for the F&B setup should you require this.

Tents & Marquees

We are not responsible for the cost of the tents/marquees for dinner, buffet, and bar areas and it is up to your Event/Wedding Organiser to arrange these if necessary.
We will not be responsible it this is overlooked and as a result we are unable to serve you due to rain and spoilage of food & beverage.

Deposit Policy & Payment Terms

An initial deposit of 30% from the total estimated expenses is required as a holding deposit to confirm the catering blocking date.
Deposit is payable within 7 (seven) days upon receipt of invoice issued by Vivre Catering. The Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable for any cancellation of 2 (two) months prior to the Event.

Second Payment 40% of total estimated expenses is required 28 (twenty-eight) days prior to the event date.
Balance payment of 30% of total confirmed amount is required 7 (seven) days prior to the event date. Client payment with bank check or Giro will be stated funds if the Vivre has received the funds in bank account

Payment can be made by bank cheque or bank transfer to the following account details:

Bank Name – CIMB Niaga

Address – Jalan ByPass Ngurah Rai, Sanur – Bali



Rupiah Account – 349-01-00260-00-5

USD Account – 349-02-0000-6000

Cancellation Policy

PenaltyCancellation Time
50% of Initial Deposit2 Months Prior to Event Date
80% of Invoice4 Weeks Prior to Event Date
100% of Invoice1 Week Prior to Event Date

Taxes Applicable

All rates subject to 10% service charge and a further 10% government tax on the total.

Damage & Liability

Most villas and venues impose a venue fee for your event and request for a refundable security/damage deposit which is the responsibility of the client.
The person organising and/or paying for the event shall be liable to pay for any damage, loss or breakage to any part of the Vivre Catering Company properties, including all equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings, chinaware, crockery or glassware that has ben either intentionally or unintentionally damaged by any guests associated with the event.

Vivre Catering Company has a strict security check when the staff leave our premises. We are not responsible for any loss of guests belongings before, during or after the party.
Our linens are occasionally stained with unremovable wax drippings and it is the responsibility of the client to replace.