Indonesian Savoury

Your Favourite Indonesian Classics Re-Imagined

(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts

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Potato Croquette | Cheese | Charcoal Bread | Chili Mayonnaise (vg)

Curried Vegetables | Beetroot Shortcrust Pastry | Curry Mayo (vg)

Gado Gado
Cabbage l Bean Sprouts l Long Bean l Quail Egg l Peanut Sauce (vg)(n)

Lumpia Skin | Cabbage | Carrot | Leek | Beansprouts (vg) (vegan available)

Ayam Betutu
Ballotine Chicken Breast | Cassava Leaf | Chicken Skin | Chili Relish (df)(gf)

Tongkol Sambal Matah
Tuna Steak | Shallot | Lemongrass | Garlic | Chili | Sesame (df)(gf)

Rendang Puff
Sumatran Rendang Curry | Puff Pastry | Cauliflower Cream

Sate Ayam
Classic Chicken Satay | Peanut Sauce (df)(gf)(n)

Sate Lilit
Balinese Minced Fish | Lemongrass Sticks | Sambal Matah (df)(gf)

Sate Buntel
Traditional Javanese Minced Lamb | Sugar Cane Stick | Chili Sweet Soy Sauce (gf)

(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts

International Savoury


The original classic canape?  

Perfect fluffy little buckwheat pancakes with a variety of toppings…

(gluten free available)

Classic Smoked Salmon Blini*
Smoked Salmon | Sour Cream | Lemon | Caviar | Dill

Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Blini*
Smoked Salmon | Cucumber | Cream Cheese | Caviar | Dill

Beef & Horseradish Blini*
Fillet Beef | Horseradish Cream | Cornichon

Beetroot & Quails Egg Blini
Beetroot | Quails Egg | Feta Cheese (vg)

Minted Pea & Feta
Pea | Mint | Feta (vg)

(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts

Vol Au Vents

Classic Prawn Cocktail Vol Au Vent*
Prawn | Cocktail Sauce | Puff Pastry

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Vol Au Vent*
Smoked Salmon | Cream Cheese | Dill | Lemon | Puff Pastry

Tuna Pate Vol Au Vent
Tuna | Mayo | Lemon | Chives | Puff Pastry

Egg Salad Vol Au Vent
Boiled Egg | Mayo | Celery | Mustard | Puff Pastry (vg)

Chicken & Mushroom Vol Au Vent
Chicken | Mushrooms | Cream | Puff Pastry

Creamy Mushroom Vol Au Vent
Mushrooms | Cream | Puff Pastry (vg)

Ham & Asparagus Vol Au Vent
Ham | Asparagus | Cream | Puff Pastry

(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts


Not just a ‘mini-burger’.

Our sliders contain all manner of fillings.
There are no hard and fast rules for creating delight in a mini brioche bun…

Cajun Chicken Slider
Chicken Breast | Cajun Mayonnaise | Gem Lettuce | Brioche

Chipotle Cheeseburger*
Beef Mince | Gruyere Cheese | Chipotle Mayonnaise | Jalapeños | Brioche

Lamb Meatball Slider
Lamb Meatball | Tomato Sauce | Pickled Cucumber | Brioche

Pulled Pork Slider
Slow Cooked BBQ Pork | Asian Slaw | Brioche

Snapper & Lemon Mayo Slider
Snapper Fillet | Pickled Lemon Mayonnaise | Rocket | Brioche

Prawn Po’Boy*
Breaded Prawn | Delta Dressing | Brioche

A French invention adopted by all National cuisines, who doesn’t love a deep fried ball of flavour.

Classic Dutch Indonesian Bitterballen
Beef Mince | Beef Broth | Bechamel | Parsley | Breadcrumb

Croquetas de Jamon*
Smoked Ham | Béchamel | Cheese | Breadcrumb

Beef Brisket & Manchego Croquette*
Sous-vide Brisket | Potato | Manchego Cheese | Breadcrumb

Cajun Spiced Crab Croquette*
Crab Meat | Potato | Preserved Lemon | Cajun Mayo | Breadcrumb

Prawn Katsu Korokke*
Prawn | Potato | Katsu Marinade | Wasabi Mayo | Breadcrumb

Arborio Rice | 3 Cheeses | Spinach | Breadcrumb (vg)

Mushroom & Leek Croquette
Shitake Mushroom | Leek | Potato | Cheese | Breadcrumb (vg)

Crostini, Crackers & Croustades
The Party Essential ‘Little Toasts’ with classic toppings and rich fillings, all made fresh daily in our Bakery.

Caprese Crostini
Semi-Dried Tomato | Bocconcini | Basil Pesto | Toasted Baguette (vg)

Halloumi Crostini*
Baguette | Haloumi | Caramelised Onion & Fennel Jam | Toasted Baguette (vg)

Fillet Beef Crostini*
Beef Fillet | Toasted Baguette | Horseradish Cream | Cornichon | Toasted Baguette

Foie Gras Parfait Crostini*
Foie Gras | Beetroot Relish | Toasted Baguette

Slow Roast Tomato & Baba Ganoush
Cherry Tomato | Aubergine | Tahini | Garlic | Lemon | Lavosh Cracker (vg)

Smoked Salmon Mousse*
House Smoked Salmon | Cream | Caviar | Dill | Lavosh Cracker

Miso Aubergine & Mango Croustade
Roast Aubergine | Miso | Mirin | Mango | Coriander | Rye Bread Croustade (vg)

Snapper Ceviche Croustade
White Snapper | Lime | Young Coconut | Mango | Sweetcorn Puree | Rye Bread Croustade

Tartlets & Parcels
Delightful Pastry Packages fresh straight from our Bakery.

Pea, Mint & Feta Tart
Green Pea | Feta Cheese | Mint (vg)

Brie & Caramelised Balsamic Onion Tart
Brie Cheese | Caramelised Onion | Balsamic | Pea Sprout (vg)

Vegetable Samosa
Curry Paste | Potato | Peas | Onion | Filo Pastry (vg)

Pork & Shrimp Money Bag*
Mince Pork | Shrimp | Chives | Filo Wonton | Vinegar Fish Sauce Dip

Smoked Chicken Filo Tart
Filo Pastry | Smoked Chicken Breast | Black Olive | Parsley Pesto | Pine Nut | Parmesan

Thai Beef Filo Tart*
Filo Pastry | Fillet Beef | Soy Sauce | Lime | Coriander | Chili | Sesame

Smoked Salmon Quiche*
Smoked Salmon | Cream Cheese | Onion | Cream | Egg | Shortcrust Pastry

Mushroom Quiche
Mixed Mushroom | Cheese | Cream | Egg | Shortcrust Pastry (vg)

The perfect one handed canapé packed with flavour… the humble tasting spoon.

Chili Jam Prawns*
Steamed Prawn | Chili Jam | Wonton Crisp

Scallops & Peas*
Japanese Scallops | Pea Puree | Crispy Pancetta (gf)

Gorgonzola & Pear*
Gorgonzola | Poached Pear | Walnut | Honey (vg)(gf)

Tuna Nicoise
Tuna Steak | Olive | Quail Egg | Olive Oil (gf)

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Rice Wrap | Glass Noodles | Kyuri | Carrot | Mango | Kemangi | Cashew | Sweet Chili (v)(df)(gf)(n)

Sticks & Skewers
Pick, Pierce, Spear, Spike, Stab or Impale it…. however you approach it, get stuck in and get good food into your mouth.

Chicken Yakitori
Chicken Breast | Leek | Yakitori Marinade (df)(gf)

Beef Bulgogi
Sirloin Steak | Mirin | Soy Sauce | Gochujang | Sesame (df)(gf)

Lamb Kofta
Minced Lamb | Onion | Garlic | Cumin | Coriander | Tzatziki Dip (gf)

Asian Meatball
Minced Pork | Ginger | Garlic | Coriander | Chilli Lime Dip (gf)

Prawn & Chorizo*
BBQ Prawn | Chorizo | Gremolata

Scallops in Prosciutto*
Japanese Scallops | Prosciutto | Sauce Bearnaise (gf)

Melon, Prosciutto & Mozzarella*
Cubed of Melon | Bocconcini | Prosciutto

Insalata Caprese
Cherry Tomato | Bocconcini | Basil Pesto (vg)(gf)

Teriyaki Tempeh
Tempeh | Teriyaki Marinade | Toasted Sesame | Peanut Dip (v)(df)(gf)

Thai Tofu
Tofu | Sweet Potato | Red Thai Curry | Lemongrass | Coriander | Sweet Chili (v)(df)(gf)

The Japanese classic favourite… enjoy this ‘pass around’ or freshly made on a live stall.

Maguro Nigiri
Classic Sushi with Tuna (df)(gf)

Salmon Nigiri*
Classic Sushi with Salmon (df)(gf)

Ebi Nigiri*
Classic Sushi with Prawn (df)(gf)

Tamago Nigiri
Classic Sushi with Egg Omelette (vg)(gf)

Tuna Maki
Tuna | Cucumber | Takuang | Mayo | Wasabi | Nori (gf)

Ebi Maki*
Prawn | Cucumber | Takuang | Mayo | Wasabi | Nori (gf)

California Maki*
Crab & Avocado Roll California style (gf)

Kappa Maki
Cucumber | Takuang | Mayo | Wasabi | Nori (vg)(gf)


Classic Italian Ham & Cheese Pressed Sandwich*
Selection Deli Meats | Bocconcini | Bell Peppers | Arugula | Ciabatta

Chicken & Tarragon Sandwich
Chicken Breast | Tarragon | Mayonnaise | Mustard | Homemade White Loaf

Prawn, Avocado & Bacon Sandwich*
Steamed Prawn | Avocado | Bacon | Mayonnaise | Lemon | Homemade Granary Bread

Roast Beef & Horseradish Cream Sandwich*
Roast Beef Topside | Horseradish Cream | Dijon Mustard | Homemade White Loaf

Crab & Watercress Mayonnaise Sandwich*
Crab Meat | Watercress | Mayonnaise | Lemon | Homemade Wholemeal Loaf

Smoked Salmon & Citrus Chive Cream Sandwich*
Smoked Salmon | Cream Cheese | Chives | Cayenne | Homemade Wholemeal Loaf

Cucumber & Mint Sandwich
Cucumber | Mint | Cream Cheese | Butter | Homemade White Loaf (vg)

Mexican Chicken & Black Bean Wrap
Shredded Roast Chicken | Black Bean | Avocado | Tomato | Chili | Tortilla | Yogurt

Cumin Lamb & Crunchy Slaw Wrap*
Roast Lamb | Cumin Marinade | White Cabbage | Red Cabbage | Scallions | Mayonnaise

Roasted Vegetable Wrap
Roasted Peppers | Zucchini | Butternut Squash | Onions | Tortilla | Sriracha (vg)

(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts


Pandan Cake
Pandanus Sponge I Coconut Cream I Desiccated Coconut (vg)

Kue Sus
Mini Choux I Pastry Cream I Chocolate Topping (vg)

Dadar Gulung
Mini Pandan Crepe I Pandanus | Grated Coconut & Palm Sugar Filling (vg)

Mango & Coconut Pudding
Mango I Coconut I Jelly (vg)(gf)

Chocolate Vanilla Pudding
Chocolate I Vanilla I Milk I Jelly (vg)(gf)

Fruits Skewer
Cube Of Seasonal Fruits I Watermelon I Honeydew I Pineapple (v)(df)(gf)

(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts INTERNATIONAL SWEET


Chocolate Éclair
Mini Éclair I Chocolate Cream I White Chocolate Topping (vg)

Classic Cheese Cake
Cheese I Cream I Tart Base | Raspberry Coulis (vg)

Opera Cake
Joconde I Coffee Syrup I Mocha Cream I Chocolate Glaze (vg)

Mini Mille Feuille
Puff Pastry I Pastry Cream I Strawberry I Sugar Dusting (vg)

Chocolate Cake I Nuts I Chocolate Topping (vg)(n)

Fruit Tartlet
Tartlet I Pastry Cream I Mix Fruits I Glaze (vg)

(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts

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