(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts

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In celebration of important events, traditional Indonesian cone shaped rice is erected on “tampah” and surrounded by an assortment of Indonesian dishes… Table set-up: 10 persons per table


Asinan Betawi
Jakarta style pickles consisting of vegetable variety; of mixed with tofu, yellow noodles and served with peanut sauce & crackers noodles

Lemper Ayam
Sticky rice cake with chicken floss

Otak Otak
Grilled fish cake made of ground fish meat wrapped in banana leaf


Satay Lilit
Grilled Minced Balinese Fish

Satay Ayam Mesisit
Shredded Roast Chicken in Balinese Marinade

Udang Balado
Sumatran Chili Prawns

Iga Bakar
Asian BBQ Australian Boneless Beef Short ribs

Semur Tahu
Braised Tofu In Sweet Soya Sauce (v)

Tumis Buncis & Wortel
Sautéed Green Beans & Carrots In Garlic (v)

Sayur Urap
Steamed Vegetables With Seasoned & Spiced Grated Coconut (v)

Mashed Potato Dumpling (vg)

Cah Broccoli
Sautéed Broccoli (v)

Tempe Manis Kering
Sweet Tempe (v)

Rempeyek Kacang
Rice Crackers With Peanut (v)(n)

Cracker made of belinjo nuts (v)(n)

Nasi Kuning
Steamed Yellow Rice garnished With Sliced Omelet & Fried Shallots (vg)

Assorted Sambal – Sambal Shrimp Paste, Sambal Matah, Chilli Soya Sauce Serundeng -Toasted Grated Coconut (v)


Jajan Pasar
A rich platter of Indonesian sweet (v)

Seasonal Fruit Platter
Assorted tropical fresh fruit (v)

(gf) Gluten free, (df) Dairy free, (v) Vegan, (vg) Vegetarian, (n) Contains nuts